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Change subject: IMPALA-4101: qgen: Hive join predicates should only contains 
equality functions

IMPALA-4101: qgen: Hive join predicates should only contains equality functions


Hive only supports equi-joins in its JOIN clause, while Postgres and Impala 
support more
complex functions such as <, <=, >, >=, etc. This change modifies the
QueryGenerator._create_relational_join_condition and
QueryGenerator._create_boolean_func_tree methods to only construct equality join
conditions under certain conditions.

The _create_boolean_func_tree method is invoked via
QueryGenerator -> create_query -> _create_from_clause -> _create_join_clause ->
_create_relational_join_condition -> _create_boolean_func_tree. This method is 
when constructing the JOIN, WHERE, and HAVING clauses. It creates a tree of 
that would typically be found in any of these clauses.


The parameter "signatures" is added to the method _create_boolean_func_tree, 
and it lists
out all the allowed signatures the function is allowed to use. Previously, this 
list of
signatures was populated by calling _funcs_to_allowed_signatures(FUNCS), and if
"signatures" is not specified, then the code defaults back to the results of 
that method.
A new method in the DefaultProfile called get_allowed_join_signatures is 
introduced and
returns a list of function signatures that are allowed within a JOIN clause. The
DefaultProfile allows all given signatures, while the HiveProfile only allows 
for the
Equals and And functions, as well as any function that operates over only one 
The reason for these restrictions is that Hive only allows equality joins, does 
not allow
OR operators in the join clause, and does not allow any operator that operates 
multiple columns.

Note that the _create_boolean_func_tree still allows for OR operators due to 
some logic
around it's "and_or_fill_ratio" variable. The plan is to fix this in a future 
patch that
specifically focuses on removing OR operators from Hive JOIN clauses.


* Added a new unit test that ensures the HiveProfile only returns equality joins
* Tested against Hive locally
* Tested against Impala via Leopard
* Tested against Impala via the Discrepancy Checker inside an Impala Docker 

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M tests/comparison/
M tests/comparison/
A tests/comparison/tests/hive/
4 files changed, 110 insertions(+), 8 deletions(-)

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