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Change subject: IMPALA-889: Add support for ISO-SQL trim()

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Line 10: Form #1: Impala UDF calling
> What are the pros and cons of having two different forms?
Greetings Jim.
They are completely identical. They are just two options to access the same 
backend function. Users are free to choose any one.

Line 11:   Syntax: SELECT TRIM(where, characters, string_to_be_trimmed);
> "select" isn't part of the syntax

PS1, Line 12:   where: enumerate values, available choices are: 
> Please wrap lines at the red vertical line. I believe it's 70 characters.

PS1, Line 12: enumerate values
> What is the purpose of this phrase in the sentence?
These are avaible enumerated values for the "where" fields.

PS1, Line 16: option
> What is "option"? Do you mean "where"?
Yes, I mean "where".

PS1, Line 17: is
> are, not is

Line 19:   Examples:
> Please don't give examples until you explain, in prose, what it means to tr

PS1, Line 30:   Note: left and right are Impala keywords, they are not 
available in this syntax.
> Does this match the standard?
Yes, because the standard SQL uses the leading/trailing not left/right. I 
believe it is okay not to support left/right here.

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