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Change subject: IMPALA-4733: Avoid using several loading threads on one table.

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PS1, Line 7: IMPALA-4733
> Wrong jira.

PS1, Line 17: simpe
> nit: typo

PS1, Line 22: Testing
> The JIRA said that the code had to be modified to run the test. Is there a 
It's a race so reproducing was easier by adding a sleep() because our small 
test tables load very quickly making this bug hard to hit and measure in a 
reasonable time.

The manual test also involves inspecting the output of jstack due to a lack of 
other metrics.

The behavior correct behavior is tricky to test, let me think about it some 
more. Open to suggestions.
File fe/src/main/java/org/apache/impala/catalog/

Line 280:     tableLoadingSet_.remove(tblName);
> Understood, thanks for the explanation. Agree there is still a race here.
I originally didn't want to address this race to minimize the changes, but it 
seems ok. Fixed it as suggested.

PS1, Line 282: tblName
> Looks like a thrift object. Just wanted to make sure its printed correctly 

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