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Change subject: new range partitioning features blog post

Patch Set 3:


File _posts/2016-08-18-new-range-partitioning-features.md:

PS3, Line 28: the split is not a clean break in the middle of the tablet.
Can you explain this a little more? I think it's confusing to someone newer to 
Kudu because they may not realize that "middle" here refers to the middle by 
primary key, as the data is stored, and instead think middle as in the 
partition key. Perhaps just mention that the storage is sorted by primary key 
so a split on range key means potentially cherry-picking rows and re-compacting.

PS3, Line 37: should not
does not -- we're sure it doesn't preclude it, the question is just whether 
we'll do it

PS3, Line 44: the first and last
            : partition
'the first and last partitions', or 'the first partition and the last partition'

PS3, Line 46: range partitioned
nit: range-partitioned

PS3, Line 48: any other
s/any other/in any other

PS3, Line 48: Unbalanced partitions are commonly
            : referred to as hotspotting
Hmm this sounds off to me. I think it needs to be 'unbalanced partitions are 
commonly referred to as hotspots' or something like 'the occurrence of 
unbalanced partitions is commonly referred to as hotspotting'

PS3, Line 50: timeseries
s/timeseries/time series (consistent with elsewhere)

PS3, Line 66: lazily adding range partitions on the
            : fly
'lazily' + 'on the fly' is paradoxically redundant...I'm split over which I 
prefer though. 'lazily' seems more accurate but 'on-the-fly' sounds better.

PS3, Line 80: a

PS3, Line 94: uesers
typo: users

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