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Change subject: KUDU-687: use client in ksck for master operations

KUDU-687: use client in ksck for master operations

This patch modifies ksck to use the client for all master operations,
restricting direct access only for tserver operations. In doing so, ksck can
now work with multi-master clusters, retrying operations when the leader
master dies.

Interesting things of note:
- I went back and forth on what the semantics of KsckMaster::Connect() ought
  to be. At first I thought we should ping every master, but in the end I
  settled on building the client, which just verifies the existence of a
  leader master. My justification: today's ksck isn't really concerned with
  master health; the master merely provides information that is consumed
  during the real checks: of table and tablet integrity.
- I relented on commit cf009d4 and restored a MiniCluster method to find the
  leader master. It's got the same signature as the ExternalMiniCluster
  variant so that Mike's common cluster interface (a work in progress) can
  expose it.

Change-Id: Icbd6b28ea1b2c88e02cd451095e4dec94b0ebfc3
Tested-by: Kudu Jenkins
Reviewed-by: Todd Lipcon <>
M src/kudu/client/schema.h
M src/kudu/integration-tests/
M src/kudu/integration-tests/
M src/kudu/integration-tests/mini_cluster.h
M src/kudu/tools/CMakeLists.txt
M src/kudu/tools/
M src/kudu/tools/ksck.h
M src/kudu/tools/
M src/kudu/tools/
M src/kudu/tools/ksck_remote.h
M src/kudu/tools/
11 files changed, 163 insertions(+), 166 deletions(-)

  Todd Lipcon: Looks good to me, approved
  Kudu Jenkins: Verified

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