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Change subject: Reorganize and fill out release notes for 1.0

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Line 10: - removed verbiage about 'beta', since we are hitting 1.0
> The FAQ is a different branch though
yea, this patch already covers most of the 'beta' items except for references 
to Cloudera download pages (which have /beta/ in the URL, since Cloudera isn't 
providing official support yet). The other changes are mostly web-centric.
File docs/release_notes.adoc:

PS1, Line 148: Type and nullability of existing columns cannot be changed by 
altering the table.
> Right now only the name of a column can be changed. So type, nullability, d
yea, hoping we can get to this for 1.1 or so.

PS1, Line 163: old tables
> s/tables/tablets/? This bullet is confusing. You mean one must create a new
agreed. Mind if I commit this to avoid rebase hell, and then do another patch 
for another round of fixups?

PS1, Line 186: decimal type
> I've had a 75% working patch for this for a long time. I need to rebase and
that'd be great!

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