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Change subject: [client] avoid circular deps in time-based flusher

Patch Set 1:

File src/kudu/client/

Line 514:   if (PREDICT_TRUE(messenger)) {
> I changed the session to keep a weak reference only.  But it should be true
Can't it be false if it's called out of ScheduleOnReactor()?

Line 517:                     _1, weak_messenger, weak_session, false),
> Good suggestion -- will do.  But just to make sure I'm not missing anything
Yeah, it doesn't affect correctness.
File src/kudu/client/session-internal.h:

Line 58:                 const sp::weak_ptr<rpc::Messenger>& messenger);
> Using the reference is not crucial, just to be consistent with other places
I agree with Dan that it'd be cleanest to pass the messenger and the client in 
the same way.

PS1, Line 161:   // The reference to the client's messenger (keeping the 
reference instead of
             :   // declaring friendship to KuduClient and accessing it via the 
Should update this comment to explain why it's a weak pointer. 

Why does it need to be weak, actually? Now we know we'll have  weak references 
from the timer task to the session and manager; isn't that enough?

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