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Change subject: c++ client: stop requiring the old gcc ABI

Patch Set 1:


> Do you think it's worth adding -Wabi option into the clang options
 > to emit warnings in case of ABI mishaps  (plus additional -Wabi-tag
 > for GCC)?

The documentation for -Wabi suggests that it doesn't do anything unless we 
specify -fabi-version, which we don't currently. That could be something to do 
in the future (i.e. specify version 9 and then turn on -Wabi).

However, I think it's orthogonal to the "new gcc ABI" that I've been talking 
about in this patch series, which is an ABI change related to how the STL 
implements the C++11 standard, not to the C++ standard itself.
Commit Message:

PS1, Line 12: The impact on backwards compatibility is unclear.
> Isn't it clear?  This is a breaking change, but it's not a material break f
Alright, will restate as such.
File docs/release_notes.adoc:

Line 33
> Intentional?
Whoops, no. Must have been bad conflict resolution on my part.

PS1, Line 165: `C++`
> nit: {cpp} could also be an option to deal with special meaning of '+' in A
Yeah, I don't know why I put it in the 1.0 section. My bad.

Will use {cpp}.

PS1, Line 168: Xenial
> Could you put this in year/month form?  I find that easier as a non-Ubuntu 
I'll switch to 16.04 instead of Xenial.

Yes, we could include releases as old as 15.10, but practically I only really 
care about LTS releases.

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