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Change subject: [c++ client] added few deprecation notes

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 > I think that the get/set latest timestamp APIs can be marked with
 > "unstable" or "experimental" or something, but I would delay actual
 > deprecation until there are replacements.

Thank you for the feedback.  I'll try to figure out whether it's possible to 
deliver that message via method/function attributes.  
As for now, I don't know how to do that.  The only thing we can do in that 
regard is note-like doxygen attributes, so we can at least notify  users of the 
API via the documentation.
File src/kudu/client/client.h:

Line 390:   /// @deprecated This method is experimental and will either 
disappear or
> is there a way to mark it as "unstable" instead of deprecated? seems more a
Unfortunately, there is no way to do that with current version of doxygen.

Instead of @deprecated, we could add one of those notice-like tags:

What do you think is the best one in the context?

But of course, we need to remove the deprecated attribute from the method's 
signature.  And I don't know what to put there instead to notify users of the 
API on the 'unstable' status of this API.

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