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Change subject: [tools] Tombstone the tablet with "local_replica delete"

Patch Set 3:


File src/kudu/tools/tool_action_local_replica.cc:

Line 166: Status FindLastCommittedOpId(FsManager* fs, const string& tablet_id,
> Hmmm, couple of things I want to mention before I take your suggestion:
0) Yeah I saw that after reading this part, so it's certainly not crazy, but I 
still think it's better to keep a clear contract on a per-method basis.
1) True, but in all non-OK cases, OpId will not be set. So we have sufficient 
information without the optional<>
2) I don't think so. There is only one output, plus an optional error message. 
If you don't get an error, the output should be ignored.
3) We already have to have per-error logic in the caller, so it should not be 
much of a burden. I've added some comments over there about this.

File src/kudu/tools/tool_action_local_replica.cc:

PS3, Line 185: : 
You don't need the ": " part, that is automatically handled for you. If you add 
it, you will get "Corruption in log segment: : <rest of the message>"

Line 185:         s.CloneAndPrepend("Corruption in log segment: ");
This is a no-op... s is not mutated, it is cloned and returned.

How about just:

  return s.CloneAndPrepend("Corruption in log segment");

Line 308:   TabletDataState state;
How about default state = TabletDataState::TABLET_DATA_DELETED and skip the 
else block below

Line 314:     if (s.ok() || s.IsNotFound()) {
How about:

  OpId opid;
  Status s = FindLastCommittedOpId(&fs_manager, tablet_id, &opid);
  if (s.ok()) {
    last_committed_opid = opid;
  } else if (s.IsNotFound()) {
    LOG(INFO) << "Could not find last committed OpId from WAL, but proceeding 
with tablet tombstone: " << s.ToString();
  } else {
    LOG(ERROR) << "Error attempting to find last committed OpId in WAL: " << 
    LOG(ERROR) << "Cannot delete (tombstone) the tablet, use --clean_unsafe to 
               << " the tablet permanently from this server.";
    return s;

PS3, Line 315: state = TabletDataState::TABLET_DATA_TOMBSTONED
This should always be set as part of if (!FLAGS_clean_unsafe), you can move it 
up before FindLastCommittedOpId()

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