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Change subject: disk failure: release failed txs from tracker

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PS4, Line 15: without crashing Kudu, regardless of state.
            : T
> currently I think we directly enter the 'APPLYING' state when we submit a t
Realized I never clicked respond.

Right, if the transaction is waiting in the queue, there's not much we can do. 
When the transaction starts applying, however, we can check if the tablet has 
been failed and return early.

Yeah, a flag to check whether the tablet is on a failed disk (not shut down 
quite yet) should do the trick (I have essentially that in a separate patch). I 
think it's fair game to end the transaction mid-apply (e.g. in 
ApplyRowOperations), lest we fail some checks if the apply is the thing that's 

I agree that the distinction between "Abort" and "Cancel" is a bit (maybe too) 
subtle. The necessity comes from the fact that, for write transactions, the 
TransactionDrivers have ScopedTransaction objects that call 
MvccManager::AbortTransaction when they're deleted (e.g. when the driver is 

The idea with "Cancel" is that we should be able to safely eject the 
transaction from the TransactionTracker (deleting the ScopedTransaction, and 
effectively "completing" the Apply, without ever officially committing the tx, 
and not have to worry about the constraints of the MvccManager that crash Kudu 
if aborting during an Apply.

Maybe a cleaner API would be to have some 
TransactionTracker::Abort(TransactionDriver) that would release the driver 
regardless of state, but that'd be more of a cosmetic change. The underlying 
behavior would be the same.

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