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Change subject: KUDU-2319 follower masters should be able to verify authn tokens

Patch Set 5:

File src/kudu/integration-tests/
PS6, Line 119:       ASSERT_LE(0, verifier.GetMaxKnownKeySequenceNumber());
> Shouldn't this be ASSERT_LT?
In current implementation, valid TSK sequence numbers start with 0.  E.g., 
below an excerpt from master's log:

I0222 19:56:02.962090 139954] T 
00000000000000000000000000000000 P 0139908237bb4734833947c72c0faff3: Generated 
new TSK 0
File src/kudu/master/
PS6, Line 1032:     LOG_WITH_PREFIX(INFO) << kDescription << ": success";
> Consider adding the last key ID to this message.
PS6, Line 1040:   static const auto kTskRotationInterval =
> 'static const' seems a little fishy here - does this pick up the non-defaul
I don't think it's fishy -- this is initialized first time the function is 
called.  That's how static variables work in the function scope, and as far as 
I remember that's in the C++ standard.

By the time this function is called, the flags should have been already 
initialized with appropriate override of FLAGS_tsk_rotation_seconds, so yes, it 
picks up the non-default value set via the flag.
PS6, Line 1050: 
master_->messenger()->token_verifier().GetMaxKnownKeySequenceNumber() < 0 ||
              :       !last_tspk_run->Initialized()
> Seems like these first two clauses can be removed if you just initialize 'l
That's a good observation -- yep, last_tspk_run is updated only on successful 
PS6, Line 3875:     LOG_WITH_PREFIX(INFO) << "Read public part of TSK: " << 
> This seems like it's going to be pretty chatty, maybe vlog?  We're already
Good idea!

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