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Change subject: [doc] Document the new decimal column type

Patch Set 2:

File docs/developing.adoc:
PS2, Line 183: ,
> nit: remove this comma (even if you are a fan of the oxford comma, you only
File docs/known_issues.adoc:
PS2, Line 56: * Type and nullability of existing columns cannot be changed by 
altering the table.
> maybe worth adding a note here that the precision and scale of DECIMAL colu
File docs/release_notes.adoc:
PS2, Line 53: * Kudu now supports a decimal column type. The decimal type is a 
numeric data type
> it's probably worth some note in compat section on what happens if you try
PS2, Line 53: a
> the
File docs/schema_design.adoc:
PS2, Line 99: float
> should we format 'float' and 'double' with `...` so it shows up more like a
PS2, Line 100: int64
> same
PS2, Line 103: a precision and scale
> "a" seems misplaced
PS2, Line 108: For example, representing
             : integer values up to 9999, and fractional values up to 99.99, 
both require a
             : precision of 4
> I think this would read a little more clearly written as:
PS2, Line 116: If precision and scale are equal, all the digits come after the 
decimal point,
             : making all the values between -0.999... and 0.999...
> This sentence is a bit confusing. Perhaps:
PS2, Line 129: * Decimal values with precision greater than 18 are stored in 16 
> Is it worth adding a note that we don't currently support BITSHUFFLE encodi
PS2, Line 143: bitshuffle
> is bitshuffle the default for int128? I thought it wasnt supported but mayb
I think you are thinking of run length. That is tracked by KUDU-2284.

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