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Change subject: [doc] Document the new decimal column type

Patch Set 2:

File docs/developing.adoc:
PS2, Line 183: ,
nit: remove this comma (even if you are a fan of the oxford comma, you only get 
to use it in lists of three or more)
File docs/known_issues.adoc:
PS2, Line 56: * Type and nullability of existing columns cannot be changed by 
altering the table.
maybe worth adding a note here that the precision and scale of DECIMAL columns 
can also not be changed
File docs/release_notes.adoc:
PS2, Line 53: * Kudu now supports a decimal column type. The decimal type is a 
numeric data type
it's probably worth some note in compat section on what happens if you try to 
access a table with a DECIMAL column from an old client which doesn't 
understand it. Does it fail to access the table entirely, or only fail to 
access if you try to use that column, etc.
File docs/schema_design.adoc:
PS2, Line 99: float
should we format 'float' and 'double' with `...` so it shows up more like a 
keyword? Or if you want to use the english name I would say "floating point 
types" rather than the specific keywords.

Same with references to "The decimal type", perhaps should be "The `decimal` 
type" or somesuch?
PS2, Line 100: int64
PS2, Line 103: a precision and scale
"a" seems misplaced
PS2, Line 108: For example, representing
             : integer values up to 9999, and fractional values up to 99.99, 
both require a
             : precision of 4
I think this would read a little more clearly written as:

For example, a precision of 4 is required to represent integer values up to 
9999, or to represent values up to 99.99 with two fractional digits.
PS2, Line 116: If precision and scale are equal, all the digits come after the 
decimal point,
             : making all the values between -0.999... and 0.999...
This sentence is a bit confusing. Perhaps:

If precision and scale are equal, all of the digits come after the decimal 
point. For example, a decimal with precision and scale equal to 3 can represent 
values between -0.999 and 0.999.
PS2, Line 129: * Decimal values with precision greater than 18 are stored in 16 
Is it worth adding a note that we don't currently support BITSHUFFLE encoding 
for this last case and thus there is likely to be more than double the storage 
cost when moving from precision=18 to precision=19?

It might also be worth adding some guidance reminding the user that precision 
and scale cannot be altered on existing data here, but warning them that "just 
use the highest precision possible" has some cost in performance, memory, and 
PS2, Line 143: bitshuffle
is bitshuffle the default for int128? I thought it wasnt supported but maybe 
you got that in while I wasn't paying attention :)

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