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Change subject: KUDU-2297 (part 6): enable periodic stack sampling by default, 
avoid bias

KUDU-2297 (part 6): enable periodic stack sampling by default, avoid bias

This changes the timing for the collection of stack samples into the
metrics log to avoid two issues:

1) Inflexible configuration: in many cases we might want to sample
stacks more or less frequently than metrics. The previous implementation
used the same schedule for both.

2) Sampling bias: if we collect stack samples on a fixed schedule, we
risk unintended correlation with background tasks that might run on a
similar fixed schedule. For example, if we collect stacks exactly once a
minute, and the user has some monitoring software which polls the HTTP
server once a minute for some data, we might either line up perfectly
with the polling (in which case we'd overestimate its impact) or line of
perfectly away from the polling (in which case we'd never see its

This patch changes the wakeups for stacks and metrics to be decoupled.
In addition, it adds randomness to the stack sampling. The configuration
now represents the mean sampling rate rather than an exact sampling

I manually ran a master with -diagnostics-log-stack-traces-interval-ms=2000
and verified that the stack sample times were between 0 and 4 seconds apart
while the metric dumps were still exactly one minute apart. I also plan
to modify some local test clusters to configure this to be relatively
frequent to try to suss out any races or bugs which might occur in a
real workload.

Change-Id: I538eb59f95a695fa2da50f24ed82148715b15e44
M src/kudu/server/diagnostics_log.cc
M src/kudu/server/diagnostics_log.h
2 files changed, 77 insertions(+), 49 deletions(-)

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