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Change subject: KUDU-2343. java: properly reconnect to new leader master after 

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PS1, Line 10: We don't currently use the
            : master UUIDs in the Java client, so the connections to all 
masters were
            : getting conflated in the cache.
> Just passing through, but can you show me where this happens? I dug around
In typical java-client form, we have multiple ways where these rpc proxies get 
created. newMasterRpcProxy is only used in the 'connectToMasters' function, 
which is only used when we first connect to the cluster.

After we locate a master leader, we make a 'fake' GetTableLocationsResponsePB 
in ConnectToClusterResponse.getAsTableLocations(). We don't fill in the UUID 
field there.

I suppose filling in that with the master's UUID would have been an alternate 
way to fix this, rather than caching based on IP/port. However I think the 
ip/port cache makes more sense anyway in the case that a server re-registers on 
a different IP/port. (currently we have some server-side deficiencies that 
prevent that, but we shouldn't compound it with client-side issues)

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