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Change subject: WIP KUDU-16 pt 3: add per-scan-token limits

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After some discussion with Thomas from the Impala team, I think the consensus 
is that this API isn't that useful. Right now, Impala can't really take 
advantage of this top-level LimitPerToken API because the scan limit isn't 
known at the time of token building (although there are likely ways around this 
through updating Impala's source).

The ideal API would be one where a limit could be set per grouop of tokens and 
the tokens would be able to coordinate with each other to satisfy the exact 
limit. This is difficult to do, so it's probably off the table for now.

That said, the limit is definitely known during the re-hydrating call 
DeserializeIntoScanner(), so Impala should be able to use the API defined in 
 in a similar way to that in this patch, i.e. specifying the overall limit per 
scanner such that l * t rows are returned across all scanners and returning the 
first l, since this is still a perf win.

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