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Change subject: KUDU-2191 (9/n): HMS Catalog should short-circuit no-op alter 
and create table calls

Patch Set 3: Code-Review+2

File src/kudu/hms/
PS2, Line 218: renamed
> We are now handling 'ALTER TABLE ...' and 'ALTER TABLE RENAME  ...' operati
Makes sense; I missed the L208 short-circuit and thought these code paths were 
for all ALTERs.
PS2, Line 222:         return CreateOrUpdateTable(client, id, new_name, schema, 
> No, this is actually the critical change of the patch; previously we weren'
Yes, I figured it was important to call CreateOrUpdateTable(), was just 
wondering whether _some_ of the work it did was duplicated.

On second look though, there is a key difference between the calls to 
ParseTableName() and GetTable() here and in CreateOrUpdateTable(): the calls 
here use the old table name while the calls in CreateOrUpdateTable() use the 
new table name. So they are completely different and there's no duplicate work.
File src/kudu/hms/
PS2, Line 119: const char* const HmsClient::kStorageHandlerKey = 
> The motivation to re-define it is that the name of the constant is really w
I don't feel strongly, I just wanted to know whether this was a cosmetic thing 
as I suspected it was, or whether there was a different reason.

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