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(Updated June 30, 2015, 11:23 p.m.)

Review request for mesos, Anand Mazumdar, Isabel Jimenez, and Vinod Kone.


Wild goose chase to discover a bug - initialized the version in 
Master::Master() c'tor (NOT initialize()) to avoid failures.
Implemented all other comments from Vinod.
All tests pass.

Bugs: MESOS-2957

Repository: mesos


Jira: MESOS-2957

Adds an optional version string to the `MasterInfo` protobuf,
to simplify handling versioning in HTTP API calls.

The version string is taken from <mesos/version.hpp> which is the
same used when starting up Master (master/main.cpp).

I've added a simple test on the back of the `MasterDetector` test,
as this was the place where we would expect the `MasterInfo` to
have been fully populated by real production code (as opposed to
other places, where it is actually handled by mocks).

Diffs (updated)

  include/mesos/mesos.proto 5ab3c4a305562af16af804e7ab77e576b96e468d 
  src/common/protobuf_utils.cpp f0642ba12b914889a876d1d1c49a2c242006433c 
  src/common/type_utils.cpp f7b21c6abc392fec0514224ff02a00e772389f5d 
  src/master/master.cpp 34ce744f84465ecc9aeecd5fdc3d06047a4b7d92 
  src/tests/master_tests.cpp 962455cc368c6e5405599d6565660d4c3fd0fc22 

Diff: https://reviews.apache.org/r/36036/diff/


make check


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