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(Updated July 29, 2015, 1:01 a.m.)

Review request for mesos and Vinod Kone.

Summary (updated)

Adding a test for MasterInfo

Bugs: MESOS-2736

Repository: mesos


We want to test that when the master gets initialized, the
MasterInfo that it creates (and gets ultimately serialized to
ZooKeeper) has the correct information in its Address field.

Currently, the test hangs when run in after another
MasterZooKeeperTest, due to some issues around the recovery.

Jira: MESOS-2736


  src/tests/master_tests.cpp 05c148ee1660b86428afe4eda718b17052743a8c 

Diff: https://reviews.apache.org/r/36807/diff/

Testing (updated)

make check
(after @vinodkone fix all tests pass)


Marco Massenzio

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