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Review request for mesos and TimothyIL TimothyIL.

Bugs: MESOS-4369

Repository: mesos


Since docker 1.9, Docker now supports user-defined networks (both local and 
overlays). The user can then create containers that need to be attached to 
these networks (e.g., docker run --net=my-network
In order to support user-defined network we need to make 2 changes:
1a) Add a new network type in mesos.proto so that frameworks will be able to 
pass this network type
1b) Add a field to add the actual network name. Till now this was not needed as 
users could not define their i own names.
2) Change the executer so it supports processing port mapping also for 
user-define network (instead of just for legacy bridge)

Note that using the new user-defined network (both local and overlay) is 
considered the prefered Docker networking option.

Signed-off-by: Ezra Silvera <e...@il.ibm.com>


  include/mesos/mesos.proto 0be4bed336e86a5c377e87ac6212c70ac3b4c66b 
  include/mesos/v1/mesos.proto c3244e87f9351c71312d2eace7a49bcac926fafd 
  src/docker/docker.cpp 4d2f1fa14f4450b8fa3401081bf52807d2e79a7e 

Diff: https://reviews.apache.org/r/42516/diff/


Using Swarm running on Mesos create a network with "docker  network create 
--driver=bridge myNetwork"   and then create a container on that network:  
"docker run --net=myNetwork...."


Ezra Silvera

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