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(Updated March 23, 2016, 3:50 p.m.)

Review request for mesos, Anand Mazumdar, Artem Harutyunyan, and Kevin Klues.


A couple more updates to make this framework play nicer on an actual cluster.  
Notably filters and a self-imposed agent restriction.

Repository: mesos

Description (updated)

This gives the example `long-lived-framework` enough options to run outside of 
the build environment.

This also updates:

* The style of the framework code.
* Gives the `ExecutorInfo` some resources (needed for some cgroups isolators).
* Restricts the framework to one agent.  Otherwise, it would grab a small chunk 
of every machine in the cluster.
* Adds filters for declined offers.

Diffs (updated)


Diff: https://reviews.apache.org/r/45067/diff/


make check

Ran this on the master node on a Mesos cluster:
./long-lived-framework --master=zk://localhost:2181/mesos 
--executor_command="LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/path/to/libmesos && ./long-lived-executor"


Joseph Wu

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