xCASx commented on issue #24732: [SPARK-27868][core] Better default value and 
documentation for socket server backlog.
URL: https://github.com/apache/spark/pull/24732#issuecomment-574883825
   First of all, sorry, "the default JVM value" is just a poor wording from my 
side. I blindly repeated it from the initial post of this thread. What I meant 
is **OS default**.
   Here's what it looks like:
   `org.apache.spark.network.server.TransportServer#init` creates 
`NioServerSocketChannel`. The channel uses `NioServerSocketChannelConfig`, 
which is a successor of 
   The latter [contains two member 
   protected final ServerSocket javaSocket;
   private volatile int backlog = NetUtil.SOMAXCONN;
   The first one is in fact a `ServerSocket`, which defines default value of 
`backlog` equal to `50`. But this doesn't matter, because even being defined, 
this value is not used per se.
   The real value for backlog comes from the above-mentioned 
`io.netty.channel.socket.DefaultServerSocketChannelConfig#backlog`, as you can 
see it 
   protected void doBind(SocketAddress localAddress) throws Exception {
       if (PlatformDependent.javaVersion() >= 7) {
           javaChannel().bind(localAddress, config.getBacklog());
       } else {
           javaChannel().socket().bind(localAddress, config.getBacklog());
   And the value of `NetUtil.SOMAXCONN` is [OS 
   For `EpollServerSocketChannel` the logic is similar.
   So, the default value in fact neither `50` (I assume, it has never been 
since Spark migration to netty v4.x), nor even hardcoded (except for Windows it 
is `200`). For Linux the value is taken from `/proc/sys/net/core/somaxconn`. If 
the file doesn't exist, it will be resolved from kernel attributes 
`kern.ipc.somaxconn` and `kern.ipc.soacceptqueue`. Only if all mentioned 
sources aren't defined, the hardcoded value of `128` will be used.
   Not only the default value is twice (more than three times for Windows) 
bigger than `64`, but also we forced  `/proc/sys/net/core/somaxconn` to be 
`8192` long time ago...

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