xCASx opened a new pull request #27230: [SPARK-27868][CORE] Partially rollback 
previous change #09ed64d.
URL: https://github.com/apache/spark/pull/27230
   The default value for backLog set back to -1, as any other value may break 
existing configuration by overriding Netty's default 
io.netty.util.NetUtil#SOMAXCONN. The documentation accordingly adjusted.
   See discussion thread: https://github.com/apache/spark/pull/24732
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   Partial rollback of https://github.com/apache/spark/pull/24732 (default for 
backLog set back to -1).
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   Previous change introduces backward incompatibility by overriding default of 
Netty's `io.netty.util.NetUtil#SOMAXCONN`
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