wineternity commented on code in PR #38702:

@@ -645,8 +645,11 @@ private[spark] class AppStatusListener(
   override def onTaskEnd(event: SparkListenerTaskEnd): Unit = {
-    // TODO: can this really happen?
-    if (event.taskInfo == null) {
+    // TODO: can taskInfo null really happen?
+    // For resubmitted tasks caused by ExecutorLost, the SparkListenerTaskEnd 
is useless and
+    // will make activeTask in stage to be negative, this will cause stage not 
be removed in
+    // liveStages, and finally cause executor not removed in deadExecutors
+    if (event.taskInfo == null ||  event.reason == Resubmitted) {

Review Comment:
   1. First in TaskSetManager.scala, we handle the executorLost
   ``` scala
     override def executorLost(execId: String, host: String, reason: 
ExecutorLossReason): Unit = {
       // Re-enqueue any tasks that ran on the failed executor if this is a 
shuffle map stage,
       // and we are not using an external shuffle server which could serve the 
shuffle outputs.
       // The reason is the next stage wouldn't be able to fetch the data from 
this dead executor
       // so we would need to rerun these tasks on other executors.
       if (isShuffleMapTasks && !env.blockManager.externalShuffleServiceEnabled 
&& !isZombie) {
         for ((tid, info) <- taskInfos if info.executorId == execId) {
           val index = info.index
           // We may have a running task whose partition has been marked as 
           // this partition has another task completed in another stage 
           // We treat it as a running task and will call handleFailedTask 
           if (successful(index) && !info.running && 
!killedByOtherAttempt.contains(tid)) {
             successful(index) = false
             copiesRunning(index) -= 1
             tasksSuccessful -= 1
             // Tell the DAGScheduler that this task was resubmitted so that it 
doesn't think our
             // stage finishes when a total of tasks.size tasks finish.
               tasks(index), Resubmitted, null, Seq.empty, Array.empty, info)
   2. the successful task is added to queue to re-execute in `addPendingTask`
   3. `sched.dagScheduler.taskEnded` is called to tell DAGScheduler to handle 
this, this will post a `CompletionEvent` to eventProcessLoop  
   4. the function `handleTaskCompletion` in DATScheduler.scala will handle 
this message, as the reason `Resubmitted` is kind of a failure, it will call 
the function `handleResubmittedFailure`,  which add the task partitionId to 
ShuffleMapStage's pendingPartitions. Thus this stage will wait this resubmitted 
task to finish again.

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