itholic opened a new pull request, #44175:

   ### What changes were proposed in this pull request?
   This PR proposes to add appropriate link for error class usage documentation.
   ### Why are the changes needed?
   The current [Usage of Contributing Error and Exception 
 is lack of information where users exactly can search the existing error 
classes, and also where users can add a new error classes. We should add an 
appropriate link to make the documentation clearer.
   ### Does this PR introduce _any_ user-facing change?
   No API changes, but this improves the usability of error class usage 
   <img width="724" alt="Screenshot 2023-12-05 at 12 25 32 PM" 
   <img width="712" alt="Screenshot 2023-12-05 at 12 24 25 PM" 
   ### How was this patch tested?
   If tests were added, say they were added here. Please make sure to add some 
test cases that check the changes thoroughly including negative and positive 
cases if possible.
   If it was tested in a way different from regular unit tests, please clarify 
how you tested step by step, ideally copy and paste-able, so that other 
reviewers can test and check, and descendants can verify in the future.
   If tests were not added, please describe why they were not added and/or why 
it was difficult to add.
   If benchmark tests were added, please run the benchmarks in GitHub Actions 
for the consistent environment, and the instructions could accord to:
   Manually build docs and confirm.
   ### Was this patch authored or co-authored using generative AI tooling?
   If generative AI tooling has been used in the process of authoring this 
patch, please include the
   phrase: 'Generated-by: ' followed by the name of the tool and its version.
   If no, write 'No'.
   Please refer to the [ASF Generative Tooling 
Guidance]( for details.

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