sunchao commented on code in PR #45052:

@@ -177,15 +177,17 @@ private[spark] class HostLocalDirManager(
  * Manager running on every node (driver and executors) which provides 
interfaces for putting and
  * retrieving blocks both locally and remotely into various stores (memory, 
disk, and off-heap).
- * Note that [[initialize()]] must be called before the BlockManager is usable.
+ * Note that [[initialize()]] must be called before the BlockManager is 
usable. Also, the
+ * `memoryManager` is initialized at a later stage after DriverPlugin is 
loaded, to allow the
+ * plugin to overwrite memory configurations.
 private[spark] class BlockManager(
     val executorId: String,
     rpcEnv: RpcEnv,
     val master: BlockManagerMaster,
     val serializerManager: SerializerManager,
     val conf: SparkConf,
-    memoryManager: MemoryManager,
+    var memoryManager: MemoryManager,

Review Comment:
   I tried that at the beginning, but found out in certain cases there may be 
race conditions in:
   private lazy val _memoryManager = 
   Since a different thread can call `SparkEnv.set` right after the 
`memoryManger` is updated in the current `SparkEnv`. As result, the 
`memoryManager` could be null. This is revealed in `JobCancellationSuite`. 
   The current approach makes the `memoryManager` a mutable field and updated 
later when the driver plugin is loaded.

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