nickstanishadb commented on code in PR #45142:

@@ -123,10 +123,17 @@ class SelectedColumn:
     alias : str, default ''
         If non-empty, this is the alias for the column or expression as 
visible from the UDTF's
         'eval' method. This is required if the expression is not a simple 
column reference.
+    forwardToOutputTable : bool, default False
+        If true, the UDTF is specifying to Catalyst a metadata property 
wherein the function call
+        will copy the result of evaluating this column or expression from the 
most recent input row
+        through to the output table, to a column with the same name specified 
in the 'alias' field
+        (or the name of the simple column reference otherwise). This is useful 
because it lets the
+        optimizer push filters or other operations down through the UDTF call 
to the input table.
     name: str
     alias: str = ""
+    forwardToOutputTable: bool = False

Review Comment:
   @dtenedor would it be possible to create a second abstraction rather than an 
optional field in the select column? For the AI_FORECAST group columns, I'd 
like to be able to select only the value columns, but pass-through the group 
columns e.g.
       select=["v1", "v2"],
       forward_to_output=["dim1", "dim2"]
   this helps materially for AI_FORECAST memory accounting because the value 
columns are a known statically-sized type (a double-castable number) but the 
dimension columns can be variably sized (e.g. strings)

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