uros-db commented on code in PR #45978:
URL: https://github.com/apache/spark/pull/45978#discussion_r1561054469

@@ -172,19 +183,31 @@ public Collation(
-   * Auxiliary methods for collation aware string operations.
+   * Returns a StringSearch object for the given pattern and target strings, 
under collation
+   * rules corresponding to the given collationId. The external ICU library 
StringSearch object can
+   * be used to find occurrences of the pattern in the target string, while 
respecting collation.
   public static StringSearch getStringSearch(
-      final UTF8String left,
-      final UTF8String right,
+      final UTF8String targetUTF8String,
+      final UTF8String patternUTF8String,
       final int collationId) {
-    String pattern = right.toString();
-    CharacterIterator target = new StringCharacterIterator(left.toString());
+    String pattern = patternUTF8String.toString();
+    CharacterIterator target = new 
     Collator collator = CollationFactory.fetchCollation(collationId).collator;
     return new StringSearch(pattern, target, (RuleBasedCollator) collator);
+  /**
+   * Returns a collation-unaware StringSearch object for the given pattern and 
target strings.
+   * While this object does not respect collation, it can be used to find 
occurrences of the pattern
+   * in the target string for UTF8_BINARY or UTF8_BINARY_LCASE (if arguments 
are lowercased).
+   */
+  public static StringSearch getStringSearch(

Review Comment:
   That part becomes a little complicated with expressions that need to 
preserve the original string value, consider StringReplace: 
`'BAbaBA'.replace('ab', 'XX')` with UTF8_BINARY_LCASE should return 'BXXaBA' 
(not 'bxxaba')
   so .toLowerCase version is used for matching, and original version 
(non-Lowercase) is used for replacement
   @miland-db's currently 2 open PRs use this variant of StringSearch, although 
it's not clear if that's definitely a good approach. That said, I do think we 
can definitely figure out ways to do this in so that we rely on `UTF8String` 
functions rather than `StringSearch` for UTF8_BINARY_LCASE, but we're yet to 
figure out if that's really more efficient (or even easier to implement) - for 
example, Milan noticed that the `UTF8String` implementation of "translate" 
actually does ".toString()" followed by a bunch of ".substring" calls, while 
StringSearch uses a `CharacterIterator` which should probably be more efficient
   we may consider benchmarking this, but in terms of this PR @cloud-fan I 
think we could agree on either:
   1. keeping this version of `getStringSearch` here until we're sure that 
we're not gonna need it for any expression (we could remove it once we've 
swooped over all expressions)
   2. removing this version of `getStringSearch` here until we're sure that we 
need it somewhere (we could add it back once there's a guaranteed need for it)

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