fanyue-xia commented on PR #45971:

   > Thanks for the effort! This really requires some deep understanding of 
spark internals...
   > There is still one important concern, that the golden file size is too 
big. I looked a bit, it seems that the largest golden file is ~7MB. We should 
find a way to limit the file size to < 10MB.
   > One improvement I can see is that, here you are storing both the rows and 
partition ids, but we don't need to store rows.
   > Instead, we store the random seed, and regenerate the random rows in the 
check. By doing this we only need to store the seed, the schemas, and for each 
   > 1. partition ids, and
   > 2. numRows
   > Now golden file size should be much smaller.
   > This means that we trust `RandomDataGenerator` to generate the same row 
for the same seed everytime. The code hasn't been touched like 10 years so I 
think this should be safe. Although unlikely, when people really need to touch 
that later, they'll notice this test failure.
   I have concerned that the seed might behave differently across runs/on 
different machines. Talked to @HeartSaVioR  about it, he mentioned that he 
isn't sure whether it is the case; it’s safer to just store the generated 
inputs; if there is any difference in any random generation, it’s going to be 
uneasy to find.

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