cloud-fan commented on code in PR #45377:

@@ -171,6 +171,29 @@ class Column(val expr: Expression) extends Logging {
     Column.fn(name, this, lit(other))
+  /**
+   * A version of the `fn` method specifically designed for binary operations 
in PySpark
+   * that require logging information.
+   * This method is used when the operation involves another Column.
+   *
+   * @param name                The name of the operation to be performed.
+   * @param other               The value to be used in the operation, which 
will be converted to a
+   *                            Column if not already one.
+   * @param pysparkFragment     A string representing the 'fragment' of the 
PySpark error context,
+   *                            typically indicates the name of PySpark 
+   * @param pysparkCallSite     A string representing the 'callSite' of the 
PySpark error context,
+   *                            providing the exact location within the 
PySpark code where the
+   *                            operation originated.
+   * @return A Column resulting from the operation.
+   */
+  private def fn(

Review Comment:
   @HyukjinKwon This probably can't cover all the cases, and we may need to add 
more overloads for certain functions that require non-expression parameters, 
but it shouldn't be many.
   I think it's better than using ThreadLocal which can be quite fragile to 
pass values between Python and JVM.

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