Github user rdblue commented on the issue:
    > I tried and can't figure out how to do it with PhysicalOperation, that's 
why I build something new for data source v2 pushdown.
    The problem is that we should get DSv2 working independently of a redesign 
of the push-down rules. Throwing an untested push-down rule into changes for 
DSv2 makes the new API less reliable, and hurts people that want to try it out 
and start using it. There is no benefit to doing this for 2.3.0.
    I also think a redesign of push-down should be properly designed, thought 
out, and tested. I'm all for fixing this if you can make the case that we need 
to, but we shouldn't needlessly mix together major changes.
    @cloud-fan, There's more discussion about this on #20476 that I encourage 
you to read.


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