Github user HyukjinKwon commented on the issue:
    > This issue does not cause the regression since 
spark.sql.execution.arrow.enabled is off by default. 
    It doesn't block the release but we can still backport it because it fixes 
an actual bug fix with a minimal change whether 2.3.0 is released or not.
    > We need to make it configurable before merging it
    I thought this is another step. We need to make them consistent first.
    >  Merging this to 2.3.0 might cause the regression and impacts the release 
date of SPARK 2.3
    Is there any specific worry from this change, that might shake the 2.3.0 
release speficially? In this way, we can't backport anything. I am surprised 
that this PR is considered to be excluded specifically in 2.3.0.


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