Github user HyukjinKwon commented on the issue:
    I was just double checking the current status for both CSV and JSON:
    Seems CSV fills up the partial results with an exception (which is caught 
by permissive mode with the corrupt record text) when the length of schema is 
mismatched whereas JSON just allows this case without the exception (and also 
without the corrupt record text).
    and ... both CSV and JSON don't fill the partial results when the type of 
the field is mismatched but this change supports this case in JSON.
    cc @cloud-fan too. I remember we had a short talk about this partial 
results before. Do you think we should produce partial results in both CSV and 
JSON for mismatched types?
    Looks we are currently not doing this for both CSV and JSON when the types 
are mismatched, if I haven't missed something.


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