Github user BryanCutler commented on the issue:
    This is a WIP as some issues need to be worked out on the Arrow side and 
need tests for pandas_udfs.  Currently get the following error when converting 
from pandas:
    File "/home/bryan/git/spark/python/pyspark/", line 237, in 
        return pa.Array.from_pandas(s, mask=mask, type=t)
      File "array.pxi", line 335, in pyarrow.lib.Array.from_pandas
      File "array.pxi", line 170, in pyarrow.lib.array
      File "array.pxi", line 70, in pyarrow.lib._ndarray_to_array
      File "error.pxi", line 85, in pyarrow.lib.check_status
    ArrowNotImplementedError: No cast implemented from binary to binary
    The corresponding JIRA is


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