Github user felixcheung commented on a diff in the pull request:
    --- Diff: docs/ ---
    @@ -1689,6 +1689,10 @@ using the call `toPandas()` and when creating a 
Spark DataFrame from a Pandas Da
     `createDataFrame(pandas_df)`. To use Arrow when executing these calls, 
users need to first set
     the Spark configuration 'spark.sql.execution.arrow.enabled' to 'true'. 
This is disabled by default.
    +In addition, optimizations enabled by 'spark.sql.execution.arrow.enabled' 
could fallback automatically
    +to non-optimized implementations if an error occurs before the actual 
computation within Spark.
    --- End diff --
    very minor nit: `non-optimized implementations` --> `non-Arrow optimization 
    this matches the description in the paragraph below


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