Github user cloud-fan commented on a diff in the pull request:
    --- Diff: 
    @@ -331,4 +330,31 @@ class ComplexTypesSuite extends PlanTest with 
ExpressionEvalHelper {
         comparePlans(Optimizer execute rel, expected)
    +  test("SPARK-23500: Simplify complex ops that aren't at the plan root") {
    +    val structRel = relation
    +      .select(GetStructField(CreateNamedStruct(Seq("att1", 'nullable_id)), 
0, None) as "foo")
    +      .groupBy($"foo")("1").analyze
    +    val structExpected = relation
    +      .select('nullable_id as "foo")
    +      .groupBy($"foo")("1").analyze
    +    comparePlans(Optimizer execute structRel, structExpected)
    +    // If nullable attributes aren't used in the 'expected' plans, the 
array and map test
    +    // cases fail because array and map indexing can return null so the 
output attribute
    --- End diff --
    This explains why the original plan(before optimize) marks its output as 
nullable, but I'm confused why the optimized plan still marks its output as 


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