Github user MaxGekk commented on a diff in the pull request:
    --- Diff: 
    @@ -39,9 +39,12 @@ private[text] class TextOptions(@transient private val 
parameters: CaseInsensiti
       val wholeText = parameters.getOrElse(WHOLETEXT, "false").toBoolean
    +  val lineSeparator: String = parameters.getOrElse(LINE_SEPARATOR, "\n")
    +  require(lineSeparator.nonEmpty, s"'$LINE_SEPARATOR' cannot be an empty 
     private[text] object TextOptions {
       val COMPRESSION = "compression"
       val WHOLETEXT = "wholetext"
    +  val LINE_SEPARATOR = "lineSep"
    --- End diff --
    In the example above, the line is counterintuitive for me. I imagine a line 
in text files as a sequence of one or more characters, displayed within a 
single horizontal sequence. I would prefer the short name *recSep* or 
*recordSeparator* for long name. I guess when the option will be used, it will 
separate text not by new line chars like `'\n'`, `'\r\n'`. 


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