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    -### HTTP Security Headers
    -Apache Spark can be configured to include HTTP Headers which aids in 
preventing Cross 
    -Site Scripting (XSS), Cross-Frame Scripting (XFS), MIME-Sniffing and also 
enforces HTTP 
    -Strict Transport Security.
    +# Kerberos
    +Spark supports submitting applications in environments that use Kerberos 
for authentication.
    +In most cases, Spark relies on the credentials of the current logged in 
user when authenticating
    +to Kerberos-aware services. Such credentials can be obtained by logging in 
to the configured KDC
    +with tools like `kinit`.
    +When talking to Hadoop-based services, Spark needs to obtain delegation 
tokens so that non-local
    +processes can authenticate. Spark ships with support for HDFS and other 
Hadoop file systems, Hive
    +and HBase.
    +When using a Hadoop filesystem (such HDFS or WebHDFS), Spark will acquire 
the relevant tokens
    +for the service hosting the user's home directory.
    +An HBase token will be obtained if HBase is in the application's 
classpath, and the HBase
    +configuration has Kerberos authentication turned 
    +Similarly, a Hive token will be obtained if Hive is in the classpath, and 
the configuration includes
    +a URIs for remote metastore services (`hive.metastore.uris` is not empty).
    +Delegation token support is currently only supported in YARN and Mesos 
modes. Consult the
    +deployment-specific page for more information.
    +The following options provides finer-grained control for this feature:
     <table class="table">
     <tr><th>Property Name</th><th>Default</th><th>Meaning</th></tr>
    -  <td><code>spark.ui.xXssProtection</code></td>
    -  <td><code>1; mode=block</code></td>
    -  <td>
    -    Value for HTTP X-XSS-Protection response header. You can choose 
appropriate value 
    -    from below:
    -    <ul>
    -      <li><code>0</code> (Disables XSS filtering)</li> 
    -      <li><code>1</code> (Enables XSS filtering. If a cross-site scripting 
attack is detected, 
    -        the browser will sanitize the page.)</li>
    -      <li><code>1; mode=block</code> (Enables XSS filtering. The browser 
will prevent rendering 
    -        of the page if an attack is detected.)</li>
    -    </ul>
    -  </td>
    -  <td><code>spark.ui.xContentTypeOptions.enabled</code></td>
    +  <td><code>${service}.enabled</code></td>
    -    When value is set to "true", X-Content-Type-Options HTTP response 
header will be set 
    -    to "nosniff". Set "false" to disable.
    -  </td>
    -  </tr>
    -  <td><code>spark.ui.strictTransportSecurity</code></td>
    -  <td>None</td>
    -  <td>
    -    Value for HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) Response Header. You 
can choose appropriate 
    -    value from below and set <code>expire-time</code> accordingly, when 
Spark is SSL/TLS enabled.
    -    <ul>
    -      <li><code>max-age=&lt;expire-time&gt;</code></li>
    -      <li><code>max-age=&lt;expire-time&gt;; includeSubDomains</code></li>
    -      <li><code>max-age=&lt;expire-time&gt;; preload</code></li>
    -    </ul>
    +  Controls whether to obtain credentials for services when security is 
    +  By default, credentials for all supported services are retrieved when 
those services are
    +  configured, but it's possible to disable that behavior if it somehow 
conflicts with the
    +  application being run.
    -See the [configuration page](configuration.html) for more details on the 
security configuration
    -parameters, and <a 
    -<code>org.apache.spark.SecurityManager</code></a> for implementation 
details about security.
    +## Long-Running Applications
    +Long-running applications may run into issues if their run time exceeds 
the maximum delegation
    +token lifetime configured in services it needs to access.
    +Spark supports automatically creating new tokens for these applications 
when running in YARN mode.
    +Kerberos credentials need to be provided to the Spark application via the 
`spark-submit` command,
    +using the `--principal` and `--keytab` parameters.
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    I moved the yarn/kerberos configs to a new separate table in the YARN page. 
That should make them more visible.


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