Github user ifilonenko commented on the issue:
    Newest push passes all tests (with this merged I will then merge in 
    - Run SparkPi with no resources
    - Run SparkPi with a very long application name.
    - Run SparkPi with a master URL without a scheme.
    - Run SparkPi with an argument.
    - Run SparkPi with custom labels, annotations, and environment variables.
    - Run SparkPi with a test secret mounted into the driver and executor pods
    - Run FileCheck using a Remote Data File
    Run completed in 2 minutes, 37 seconds.
    Total number of tests run: 7
    Suites: completed 2, aborted 0
    Tests: succeeded 7, failed 0, canceled 0, ignored 0, pending 0
    All tests passed.
    I welcome the opinion of the community on the strategy for passing 
spark.driver.extraJavaOptions to the driver as I am currently specifying the 
`SPARK_CONF_DIR` to be pointed at the JAVA_PROPERTIES file. Open to any better 


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