Github user MaxGekk commented on a diff in the pull request:
    --- Diff: 
    @@ -361,6 +361,15 @@ class JacksonParser(
             // For such records, all fields other than the field configured by
             // `columnNameOfCorruptRecord` are set to `null`.
             throw BadRecordException(() => recordLiteral(record), () => None, 
    +      case e: CharConversionException if options.encoding.isEmpty =>
    +        val msg =
    +          """Failed to parse a character. Encoding was detected 
    --- End diff --
    This message was added explicitly to tell our customers how to resolve 
issues like .  Describing 
that in docs is not enough from our experience. Customers will just create 
support tickets, and we will have to spend time to figure out the root causes. 
The tip can help the customers to solve the problem on their side. /cc @brkyvz 


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