Github user sujith71955 commented on a diff in the pull request:
    --- Diff: 
sql/core/src/main/scala/org/apache/spark/sql/execution/command/tables.scala ---
    @@ -304,45 +304,14 @@ case class LoadDataCommand(
    -    val loadPath =
    +    val loadPath = {
           if (isLocal) {
             val uri = Utils.resolveURI(path)
    -        val file = new File(uri.getPath)
    -        val exists = if (file.getAbsolutePath.contains("*")) {
    -          val fileSystem = FileSystems.getDefault
    -          val dir = file.getParentFile.getAbsolutePath
    -          if (dir.contains("*")) {
    -            throw new AnalysisException(
    -              s"LOAD DATA input path allows only filename wildcard: $path")
    -          }
    -          // Note that special characters such as "*" on Windows are not 
allowed as a path.
    --- End diff --
    @wzhfy All test-cases related to windows query suite are passing i think in 
previous code, for reading the files based on wildcard char, we are trying to 
read the files parent directory first, and we were listing all files inside 
that folder and then we are  trying to match the pattern for each file inside 
directory, so i think for getting the parent path we need to explicitly check 
that it should not have any  unsupported characters like '*' ,But now we are 
directly passing the path with wildchar to globStatus() API of hdfs and this 
should able to pattern match irrespective of directory/files,  in globStatus 
API i could see they have special handling for windows path, i will look into 
more details regarding this.
    Thanks all for the valuable feedbacks .


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