Github user gatorsmile commented on the issue:
    I am fine to accept different opinions for this specific PR. Reverting this 
PR is not my goal here. This is a public community. It sounds like the commit 
message clearly delivers what this PR does to you: `This PR proposes to add 
collect to a query executor as an action.`, although I still have different 
opinions. We need to collect and accept different opinions always. 
    I am also glad you agree on the backport policy I proposed above. 
Hopefully, everyone is on the same page for avoiding unnecessary overhead. 
    > The minor bug fixes/improvements that have external behavior changes
    I personally thought this PR fits this category. No matter whether the 
behavior changes are correct or not, we should still not backport it if the 
issue is neither critical nor a regression. That is what I emphasized in the 
above argument multiple times. The API inconsistency is not rare between our 
APIs. We did not backport these PRs. Now, I am fine to backport it because it 
is an experimental API. Thus, we can say we do not guarantee the backport 
compatibility. If it were a public API, I would insist my original opinion. 
    I am also glad many community members have a lot of experience with mission 
critical software development. This can help improve documentation, code 
quality and test coverage. Development of application/mobile software is 
completely different from development of system software. We are in the right 
direction. We need to enforce it with stricter discipline. 


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