Github user xuanyuanking commented on a diff in the pull request:
    --- Diff: docs/ ---
    @@ -456,6 +456,33 @@ Apart from these, the following properties are also 
available, and may be useful
         from JVM to Python worker for every task.
    +  <td><code>spark.sql.repl.eagerEval.enabled</code></td>
    +  <td>false</td>
    +  <td>
    +    Enable eager evaluation or not. If true and the REPL you are using 
supports eager evaluation,
    +    Dataset will be ran automatically. The HTML table which generated by 
    +    called by notebooks like Jupyter will feedback the queries user have 
defined. For plain Python
    +    REPL, the output will be shown like <code></code>
    +    (see <a 
href="";>SPARK-24215</a> for 
more details).
    +  </td>
    +  <td><code>spark.sql.repl.eagerEval.maxNumRows</code></td>
    +  <td>20</td>
    +  <td>
    +    Default number of rows in eager evaluation output HTML table generated 
by <code>_repr_html_</code> or plain text,
    +    this only take effect when 
<code>spark.sql.repl.eagerEval.enabled</code> is set to true.
    --- End diff --
    Got it, thanks.


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