Github user hvanhovell commented on a diff in the pull request:
    --- Diff: 
    @@ -301,6 +290,37 @@ abstract class TreeNode[BaseType <: 
TreeNode[BaseType]] extends Product {
       def mapChildren(f: BaseType => BaseType): BaseType = {
         if (children.nonEmpty) {
           var changed = false
    +      def mapChild(child: Any): Any = child match {
    +        case arg: TreeNode[_] if containsChild(arg) =>
    --- End diff --
    Yeah, so was about to do that but then I noticed that they handle different 
cases, `mapChild` handles `TreeNode` and `(TreeNode, TreeNode)`, whereas 
L326-L349 handles `TreeNode`, `Option[TreeNode]` and `Map[_, TreeNode]`. I am 
not sure if combining them is useful, and if it is then I'd rather do it in a 
different PR.


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