pgandhi999 commented on a change in pull request #24072: [SPARK-27112] : Create 
a resource ordering between threads to resolve the deadlocks encountered …

 File path: 
 @@ -258,15 +258,20 @@ class CoarseGrainedSchedulerBackend(scheduler: 
TaskSchedulerImpl, val rpcEnv: Rp
     // Make fake resource offers on all executors
     private def makeOffers() {
       // Make sure no executor is killed while some task is launching on it
-      val taskDescs = CoarseGrainedSchedulerBackend.this.synchronized {
-        // Filter out executors under killing
-        val activeExecutors = executorDataMap.filterKeys(executorIsAlive)
-        val workOffers = {
-          case (id, executorData) =>
-            new WorkerOffer(id, executorData.executorHost, 
-              Some(executorData.executorAddress.hostPort))
-        }.toIndexedSeq
-        scheduler.resourceOffers(workOffers)
+      // SPARK-27112: We need to ensure that there is ordering of lock 
+      // between TaskSchedulerImpl and CoarseGrainedSchedulerBackend objects 
in order to fix
+      // the deadlock issue exposed in SPARK-27112
+      val taskDescs = scheduler.synchronized {
 Review comment:
   @vanzin  So in the code, I came across the following comment, wonder if that 
answers the `launchTasks` issue. I exactly do not understand the intention of 
the comment though.
   // Accessing `executorDataMap` in `DriverEndpoint.receive/receiveAndReply` 
doesn't need any
     // protection. But accessing `executorDataMap` out of 
     // must be protected by `CoarseGrainedSchedulerBackend.this`. Besides, 
`executorDataMap` should
     // only be modified in `DriverEndpoint.receive/receiveAndReply` with 
protection by
     // `CoarseGrainedSchedulerBackend.this`.
     private val executorDataMap = new HashMap[String, ExecutorData]

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