dongjoon-hyun edited a comment on issue #25423: [SPARK-28701][test-java11][k8s] 
adding java11 support for pull request builds
   @srowen . If that is the goal, can we consider `-release 8` as our feasible 
   > If that's correct then it should be OK to compile with Java 11 and specify 
-release 8. But, I don't see that scalac supports it, so I don't believe it's 
an option.
   `scalac` itself supports it. The problem seems that `sbt` is not 
cooperative. Hopefully, we can find a way for this later. So, let's leave this 
alone for now.
   $ scala-2.12.8/bin/scalac -help | grep release
     -release <<release>>                 Compile for a specific version of the 
Java platform. Supported targets: 6, 7, 8, 9
   To achieve the goal, `single artifacts for both JDK8/11`, we don't need to 
keep `Maven` and `SBT` in the same way.
   1. `Maven` is our official build system for building and publishing our 
       - We can release a single artifact for both `JDK8` and `JDK11`.
   2. We can add `<maven.compiler.release>8</maven.compiler.release>` to our 
`pom.xml` without affecting `SparkBuild.scala`.
       - Actually, SBT and its plugin will not recognize that option.
   3. Testing is irrelevant to `cross-publishing`.
       - We already have JDK8/JDK11 Jenkins jobs. We can use a single JDK 
version per job for these existing jobs (Hadoop-2.7/3.2 x Maven/SBT x JDK8/11 
       - What we may need is another two Jenkins jobs.
          1. Building with JDK11 with maven (`-release 8`), and testing with 
JDK8 with `maven`
          2. Building with JDK11 with maven (`-release 8`), and testing with 
JDK8 with `sbt`
   How do you think about this approach, @srowen ?

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