rdblue commented on a change in pull request #26071: [SPARK-29412][SQL] refine 
the document of v2 session catalog config
URL: https://github.com/apache/spark/pull/26071#discussion_r333107075

 File path: 
 @@ -1976,11 +1977,19 @@ object SQLConf {
-  val V2_SESSION_CATALOG = buildConf("spark.sql.catalog.session")
-      .doc("A catalog implementation that will be used in place of the Spark 
built-in session " +
-        "catalog for v2 operations. The implementation may extend 
`CatalogExtension` to be " +
-        "passed the Spark built-in session catalog, so that it may delegate 
calls to the " +
-        "built-in session catalog.")
+    buildConf(s"spark.sql.catalog.${CatalogManager.SESSION_CATALOG_NAME}")
+      .doc("A catalog implementation that will be used in place of the Spark 
Catalog for v2 " +
+        "operations (e.g. create table using a v2 source, alter a v2 table). 
The Spark Catalog " +
+        "is the current catalog by default, and supports all kinds of catalog 
operations like " +
+        "CREATE TABLE USING v1/v2 source, VIEW/FUNCTION related operations, 
etc. This config is " +
+        "used to extend the Spark Catalog and inject custom logic to v2 
operations, while other" +
+        "operations still go through the Spark Catalog. The catalog 
implementation specified " +
+        "by this config should extend `CatalogExtension` to be passed the 
Spark Catalog, " +
+        "so that it can delegate calls to Spark Catalog. Otherwise, the 
implementation " +
+        "should figure out a way to access the Spark Catalog or its underlying 
meta-store " +
+        "by itself. It's important to make the implementation share the 
underlying meta-store " +
+        "of the Spark Catalog and act as an extension, instead of a separated 
 Review comment:
   I think you've identified the right things to point out:
   * This controls the implementation that is a v2 interface to the built-in v1 
   * This catalog and the built-in v1 catalog share an identifier namespace and 
must be consistent
   * To delegate to the default implementation, use `CatalogExtension`
   I'd change the wording to be a bit shorter, though. This doesn't need to 
explain what the catalog interface does, or what the built-in catalog can do. 
How about this?
   > A catalog implementation that will be used as the v2 interface to Spark's 
built-in v1 catalog, spark_catalog. This catalog shares its identifier 
namespace with the v1 Spark catalog and must be consistent with it; e.g., if a 
table can be loaded by the v1 catalog, this catalog must also return the table 
metadata. To delegate operations to the built-in catalog, implementations can 
extend `CatalogExtension`.

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