srowen commented on a change in pull request #26072: [SPARK-29413][CORE] 
Rewrite ThreadUtils.parmap to avoid TraversableLike, gone in 2.13

 File path: core/src/main/scala/org/apache/spark/util/ThreadUtils.scala
 @@ -275,13 +274,7 @@ private[spark] object ThreadUtils {
    * @return new collection in which each element was given from the input 
collection `in` by
    *         applying the lambda function `f`.
-  def parmap[I, O, Col[X] <: TraversableLike[X, Col[X]]]
-      (in: Col[I], prefix: String, maxThreads: Int)
-      (f: I => O)
-      (implicit
-        cbf: CanBuildFrom[Col[I], Future[O], Col[Future[O]]], // For
-        cbf2: CanBuildFrom[Col[Future[O]], O, Col[O]] // for Future.sequence
-      ): Col[O] = {
+  def parmap[I, O](in: Seq[I], prefix: String, maxThreads: Int)(f: I => O): 
Seq[O] = {
 Review comment:
   Sure, but, do I necessarily have to get a List from a List? Seq -> Seq seems 
fine for all current usages.
   That said, if there's any other way to write this that works in 2.12 and 
2.13, definitely, open to that.

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