So im actually trying to make a certain method return a different value 
depending on the string parameter that it sends. I saw that you can use 
Repeat.Once() to do what i'm looking for. But, i get an "Previous method 
'IConfigurationManager.get_AppSettings();' requires a return value or an 
exception to throw" even though the previous method returns a string 
Here is my code

_anomalieManager = MockRepository.GenerateMock<IAnomalieManager>();
            _configurationManager = 
            _itineraireManager = 
            manager = new SynchroManager(_anomalieManager, 
_configurationManager, _itineraireManager);

_configurationManager.Stub(p => p.AppSettings.Get(Arg<string>.Matches(i => 
i == "CrewCodes"))).Return("Charles").Repeat.Once();
_configurationManager.Stub(a => a.AppSettings.Get(Arg<string>.Matches(s => 
s == "NbJoursAvantAnomalie"))).Return("1").Repeat.Once();
It Crashes at the second line.

Any help would be appreciated thanks in advance!

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